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  DLP® Technology
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Laser Diode Driver, 24 Channel
 High Power LED Driver Board
  FPGA Boards
  Customer Specific Boards
CSPM - CST Engraver Motherboard
 CR800 - Inkjet Head Board
 SC850FO - Inkjet Head Board
 SC850DRV - Inkjet Head Board
 WAXHEAD - Waxjet Head Board
 WAXCTRL - Waxjet Head Board
 WAX-LSB - Waxjet Control Board
 DLELT - DLE Control Board
 DLE-CCD - DLE Calibration Board
 USB2FO - USB to Fiber Optic Converter
  Software Products
BrUsb - USB Device Driver
  • 64 M byte on-board SDR-SDRAM Memory
  • 16 M byte on-board Flash Memory (Upgradeable to 32 M byte)
  • Fiber optic transmitter and receiver up to 70 M baud
  • Xilinx XC2VP4-5FG456C FPGA
    • -6 and -7 speed grades are optional
    • 11,088 Configurable Logic cells
    • PowerPC 405 Embedded Processor with performance of 300+ MHz
    • 792 K byte fast Block RAM
    • 4 Digital Clock Managers (DCM)
    • On-chip battery powered module for design encryption
  • Xilinx Spartan-II (XC2S30) FPGA with:
    • 216 Configurable Logic Blocks (CLB)
    • 24 K bit fast Block RAM and maximum 13 K bit distributed RAM
  • Configuration PROM for Xilinx Spartan-II FPGA
  • JTAG, IEEE 1532 TAP interface for testing and configuring the FPGA
  • Virtex-II Pro FPGA can be configured also over Fiber optic interface
  • Single 5 Volt Power Supply (0.5 – 2 Ampere)
  • Two 60 MHz on-board oscillators and one external oscillator connection
  • More than 20 test points for external FPGA signals
  • Two bottom FPGA extension connectors with more than 80 user configurable pins
  • 8 layer card with 50 Ohm trace impedance
  • User switches & LEDs
  • Small size (100 mm x 100 mm)

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