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DMD3000 is the head driver electronic for the second generation Flatbed Digital Light Engraver and Rotary Digital Light Engraver machines from CST GmbH. It receives data over fiber optic and sends it to the DMD device through the DDC3000 Digital Controller from Texas Instruments. The required DMD power and reset waveforms are generetad with the DAD1000 chip.

  • Printing, Screen printing
  • Spectroscopy
  • Security
  • Lighting
  • 3D Volumetric Display
  • High Performance Imaging
  • Medical
  • Machine Vision

  • DMD 0.7 XGA 12º LVDS DMD Discovery™, Digital Mirror Device, 1024x768
  • Xilinx Virtex-5 LX FPGA, XC5VLX30-1FFG676C
    • XC5VLX50 FPGA and -2, -3 speed options are optional
    • Up to 46,080 logic cels
    • Up to 1,728 Kbit fast Block RAM
    • Up to 12 Digital Clock Managers (DCM)
    • Up to 6 PLLs
    • Up to 48 DSP slices
    • On-chip battery powered module for design encryption
    • Built-in solution for thermal management
  • Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGA, XC3S400-4FGG320C
    • 8,064 logic cels, 400K system gates
    • 288Kbit fast Block RAM
    • 4x Digital Clock Managers (DCM)
  • DMD Discovery™ DAD1000, DMD Power and Reset Driver from Texas Instruments
  • DDC3000 Digital Controller from Texas Instruments
  • 32-bit DDR, 200 MHz LVDS data transfer to the DMD device
  • Up to 16,000 frames / second, full DMD screen
  • Up to 30,000 Kframes / second, half DMD screen
  • 2x Plastic optical fiber receivers (Up to 70 Mbaud)
  • 1x Plastic optical fiber transmitters (Up to 70 Mbaud)
  • Serial EEPROM (512 Kbit)
  • 2x oscilator clocks, 60 Mhz and 50 Mhz LVDS(other frequencies are optional)
  • JTAG Programming Interface for FPGAs, Platform Flash chips
  • Platform Flash to store Virtex-5 FPGA configuration data
  • Platform Flash to store Spartan-3 FPGA configuration data
  • 16 pin test header
  • Self recharching battery for design encryption
  • Dip switch & LEDs
  • 12 layer board with:
    • 50 Ohm impedance for signle ended traces
    • 100 Ohm impedance for differential traces
    • Traces are routed with strict matched length rules
    • No layer changes for differential traces
  • 90 x 150 mm dimensions
  • Single 5V input power

DMD3000 Top
DMD3000 Top

DMD3000 Bottom
DMD3000 Bottom

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