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SC850DRV - Inkjet Head Board
SC850DRV head control board is an CPLD based electronic which is used to control SC850 type of InkJet printheads from EPSON. It is developed specially for CST Flatbed InkJet Engraver  and CST Rotary InkJet Engraver machines. It performs data transfer with the external hardware (e.g. CSPM Motherboard) over RS-422 protocol. Its main task is to latch data into the head electronic and generate the required analog waveforms to fire the data on the printing media.

  • Xilinx XC95 CPLD
  • JTAG for CPLD configuration
  • 10x RS-422 receivers
  • SC850 high voltage power supply
  • SC850 fire waveform generator
  • SC850 data & latch logic
  • SC850 temperature control unit
  • Switches & LEDs

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SC850DRV top view
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